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Getting my Permanent Residency in Canada was the first step

Adjusting to life, theatre, and work in Vancouver

Getting Permanent Residency in Canada was a bit of a run-around. Due to the pandemic, our chosen occupations were shut down and therefore our means for earning points

was gone.

After spending $5,000 to secure a second working visa and avoiding the need to

travel back, PR was finally obtained without the use of a lawyer or third party.

Making a go as an artist here is easier than in Australia, however with more opportunity comes more responsibility to do your best work. There is unfortunately very little fulfilling theatre work here and it, more times than not, ends up taking a toll on your bank account; be it missing work for the season or investing your own money. The apparent lack of interest in theatre, both from the government and some Vancouverites makes it a tough profession to pursue. That being said, there are some wonderful artist groups that are working to change this!

The move to Vancouver, while challenging, is still one of the most important decisions and fulfilling choices. Emigration out of choice to a place accepting and receptive: it’s by no means easy but it was the right choice.

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