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Production History

Constellations by Nick Payne

Missed chances, second chances, and what it means to be alive. Our production of Nick Payne's Tony-nominated journey through space, time, and love was produced in February 2024 at Studio 16. View the trailer here.

Directed by: Cristiana Ripeanu

Design: Victoria Bell

Cast: Jacob Machin as Roland, and Gillian Clare as Marianne

Art Direction & Design: Annika McFarlane

Production Photography: Hannah Bel Davis


The Emigrants, by Slawomir Mrozek & Translated by Henry Beissel

Two nameless migrants on one explosive New Year's Eve, facing off with each other and their place in the world. Mrozek's writing prompts reflection on the motivations behind migration, from economic necessity to a yearning for freedom.The Emigrants played in September 2023 at the NEST on Granville Island, and at the STAND Festival, in November 2023 at the Presentation House Theatre in their 2024 season.

Director: Cristiana Ripeanu

XX: Akshaya Pattanayak

AA: Jacob Machin:

Sound: Kate Chan

Co-Producer: Gillian Clare

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