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The Vancouver Arts Review

The Emigrants: Review

"The actors had the audience hooked: Machin with his emotive outbursts and Pattanayak with his comical physicality. The props were a creative assortment of DIY furniture and bare necessities. The lighting arrangements were ingenious; especially a moody light bulb that intensified the plot’s many dark turns...The best shows at Fringe are those that leave you to ponder on existential questions much after leaving the venue. “The Emigrants” did that for me." Read more.

Little Mountain Lion Productions

The Emigrants: Review

"...totally unprepared for the level of depth in storytelling and performance in The Emigrants. I was wowed. I literally said “wow” to myself after the lights came back up in the house. The people behind me may have noticed and laughed except that they had immediately erupted into their own discussion about how affected they were...I highly recommend keeping an eye on Exact Resemblance Theatre in case there’s a future opportunity to see this play." Read more.


Panorama on CBC Radio Canada

Interview with Gillian Clare

"Ce que j'adore dans ce texte [The Emigrants] est qu'il n'offre pas de solutions, il pose des questions. Et c'est en posant ces questions-ci qu'on peut commencer la conversation hors la salle. C'est notre but: offrir un spectacle qui vous fait réfléchir. On ne prêche rien. On suggère quelque chose..." Écoutez ici.


Karoline Sawin's interview with Gillian Clare

"Given the merit of the text and the talent of the artistic team, I said 'yes': I wanted to co-produce [The Emigrants] because it's really something that I wanted to see." Listen here.

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